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How does the W-disinfection Bag work?

W消毒殺菌袋 如何發揮功效?

The W-disinfection bag contains 2 decontamination methods:

A thin layer of nano-grade photocatalyst (TiO2) is sprayed on the internal surface of the bag. By breaking down water vapour in the air which produces hydroxyl radical which can decompose organic compounds, odour and bacteria into harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water.

The same photocatalyst is also coated on a copper plate in which the inner surface of your surgical mask is folded around. Copper ions disrupts the viral coat while destroying bacteria cells. ​

W消毒殺菌袋 包含2種殺菌消毒方法:


相同的納米光觸媒噴劑已噴塗在銅片袋上,當您把口罩向內摺,並將銅片袋攝進已摺疊的口罩中間接觸到口罩的內表面,銅離子能破壞病毒表層 和細菌細胞,從而達致消毒殺菌功效。

How long will the disinfection effect last?

W消毒殺菌袋的消毒效果 可持續多長時間?

Since the disinfection technology used for the W-disinfection bag does not require an external energy source, the disinfection properties will not naturally wear off. Meaning the disinfection effect is long lasting. 

由於用於W型消毒殺菌袋 的消毒技術不需要額外能源,因此消毒殺菌性能不會自然降低,故其消毒效果持久。

How long does the disinfection process take?

W消毒殺菌袋 的殺菌消毒過程需要多長時間?

The duration of the disinfection properties of nano-grade photocatalyst (TiO2) is immediate, but the effectiveness will depend on light intensity. 


How do I clean the W-disinfection bag?


The copper plate as well as the photocatalyst used in the disinfection bag have self cleaning capabilities. While the outer surface of the bag can be cleaned with water or any other cleaning agents. Cleaning the inside of the bag may remove the photocatalyst layer.


W消毒殺菌袋 使用的銅片和納米光觸媒噴劑均具有自生清潔功能。而袋子的外表面可以用水或其他清潔劑清潔,但清潔袋子的內部可能會洗掉光觸媒噴劑。

Why does it seem as though the copper plate has patches of discolouring?


There will be natural oxidation that may occur on the surface of the copper plate which may lead to the discoloured patches. The discolouring is natural process of oxidation and is harmless while not affecting the disinfection effectiveness. 



Do I need to remove the outer bag of the copper plate when in use?


No, the outer bag for the copper plate is to protect its users from the edges of the copper plate.



What can be placed inside the W-disinfection bag? 


The W-disinfection bag can be used to store and disinfect multiple personal items such as mobile phones, keys and trinkets. 


Other points to note:


- There may be an odour from the W-disinfection bag upon initial use. The odour is harmless and will gradually fade away.

To prevent cross contamination please do not share the W-disinfection bag, the disinfection bag is meant for personal use only. 

- Complimentary products from Metro Brands are available and also in the pipeline. 

- Metro Brands is looking for distributors/exporters from overseas, please feel free to contact us by emailing to

- 初次使用時,W消毒殺菌袋可能會有少許氣味,此氣味無害,並會逐漸消失。

- 為避免交叉污染,請勿與其他人共享同一個W消毒殺菌袋,相同的W消毒殺菌袋僅供個人使用。

- 本公司正在尋找海外的分銷商/出口商,歡迎隨時聯絡我們,聯絡電郵:

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