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Metro Brands Ltd. is an experienced and trustworthy distribution service company. We have partners of both multinationals and medium-sized companies who choose us to source, market, distribute and sell their goods with confidence.

With a focus on FMCGs in all categories, our dedication and commitment to deliver the best value added products to our customers and partners can be tracked through our company portfolio. 

We are  experienced, passionate and committed to provide a mutually beneficial long term relationship between our partners and customers, with an added emphasis on trust and loyalty.

Our executives have earned the respect of their industry peers and of the marketplace in FMCG system, control, planning and execution. So why not choose the best? Contact Us.





At Metro Brands our management team has an extensive network and substantial experience of FMCG trading in Asia. We are able to identify and build relationships with strategic partners - those with quality products, consistency, innovation and long term sustainability.



At Metro Brands our in-house professional Marketing & Design Team will create strong brand presence by communicating effectively through both digital and print media.  Together with multi-disciplinary marketing programs such as workshops & high-profile PR events, we enable customers to deepen their brand experience.




At Metro Brands we have full coverage of all keys channels in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia. With a proactive mindset, our merchandisers are able to create effective shelf display campaigns regularly.


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